Breaking news
  1. Payne set to return to the Lady Spartans in 2022
  2. Hicks to lead the Carina Leagues Club Lady Spartans in 2022
  3. Huge NBL1 North Signing for Spartans Men
  4. Parham-Ammar to return for Spartans Men in NBL1 North
  5. We are hiring Basketball Administration – Representative

About Us


SDBAL provides uniform regulations for the management and playing of basketball in a financially viable structure. Southern Districts provides opportunities for players, coaches and officials to achieve their full potential in basketball.


Our vision is to be recognised as the Queensland Association of choice for the delivery of representative, competitive, and recreational basketball programs. We seek this position to ensure that Spartans always attracts the best talent in athletes, coaches, referees, officials, and staff. Spartans attracts lifelong and generational involvement from our community and maintains increased participation and growth across all levels of basketball. Southern Districts will continue to ensure success by development and implementation of the most effective, inclusive and innovative basketball programs in Queensland.


We install values in our stakeholders including but not limited to:

  • character
  • teamwork
  • discipline
  • respect
  • sportsmanship.

2020-2022 Southern Districts Strategic Plan

Volunteer Group

COVID-19 has significantly affected Australia’s three million sporting volunteers, with almost half of sporting clubs seeing or projecting a decline in volunteering. Volunteers are essential to the sustainability of sports clubs, especially Southern Districts Basketball Association.

Volunteers and community involvement lie at the very heart of Southern Districts Basketball Association being a truly successful sporting organisation. Southern Districts Basketball Association relies heavily on volunteers; and we believe that volunteers are integral to the staging of our sport events from juniors up to NBL1. Volunteers offer a wide knowledge base and a range of skills to assist with tasks such as running competitions, liaising with visiting teams, working with media, and providing services for athletes, sponsors, spectators and other organisations associated with out sport event. Volunteers contribute to the success of our events, by providing much needed legal or accounting advice, marketing assistance and hospitality and catering management services. Volunteers give their knowledge, skills and experience which is a great source of economic value in support of Southern Districts Basketball Association.

Become a Spartans Volunteer and contribute to the ongoing success of our Association. You can volunteer as little or as much as you wish. Depending on your area of involvement, you may be required to have a current blue card. Contact Ric Willmot by e-mail:

Southern Districts Basketball Staff

General Manager

Ric Willmot

Competitions Manager

Chris Rideout

Accounts Manager

Melissa Pitman

Referee Development Officer

Memorie Taylor

Basketball Administrator

Ashleigh Karaitiana

Board of Directors

Barry Barker, Chairman.
Elected 2021, Re-elected 2022

Graeme Harding, Deputy Chairman
Elected 2022

Tony Stephens, Treasurer
Elected 2022

Linda Earnshaw, Secretary
Elected 2022

Mika Vukona
Elected 2022

Simone Thompson
Elected 2022

Wade Core
Elected 2022


Office Hours

Monday – Friday 9am-5pm


Rowland Cowan Stadium
56 Zahel Street
Carina, QLD 4152
P: 07 3398 2790


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