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About Us


For basketball at Southern Districts to be an innovative unified and an inclusive sport, recognised by the national community as a leader in sports delivery and development and as part of the global basketball community.


To provide leadership and an association framework that enables our community to grow, develop and participate in the sport of basketball throughout the South Brisbane Region and open the door to state, national and international opportunities.


Family Community Passion, Inclusive, Opportunity, Global.

Strategic Plan

Coming soon

Southern Districts Basketball Staff

General Manager

Hamish Cain

Competitions Manager

Christopher Angus

Coaching Director

Rebecca Stephens

Programs Coordinator

Lachlan Nuttall


Melissa Pitman

Referee Development

Matthew Skinner

Board of Directors

Allan Ladewig, Chairman
Tom Drokoplous, Deputy Chairman
Stephen Lennon, Treasurer
Kristian Justus
Carlie Green Median
Lloyd Whyte
Nigel Stainer, CLC Appointed
Vacant , CHCWA Appointed
Hamish Cain, Company Secretary

Office Hours

Monday – Friday 9am-5pm


Rowland Cowan Stadium
56 Zahel Street
Carina, QLD 4152
P: 07 3398 2790


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