Hey Darkside Family!

We’ve had a lot of questions about registrations lately, so we thought we would clarify.

For Junior Player Registrations, if you have received a reminder from Gameday asking you to register, please ignore the email. We have switched our Junior Competitions over from Gameday to Basketball Connect.

Registration links for our Junior Competitions will be sent to you via your clubs, as each team will have a unique link.

For Senior Registrations, new and existing players can use the following link to register into a team and pay your annual BQ Insurance. You will require your team code to register which can be obtained from your team contact.

Senior Registration Link: https://membership.mygameday.app/regoform.cgi?aID=18773&pKey=1c85ebcf48e08c6acf0e701d9c784d85&formID=54786

Please be advised that from the 2023 Winter Season onwards, our Senior Competitions will also be switched over from Gameday to Basketball Connect.