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Parents Code of Conduct

Southern Districts Basketball Association Parent Code of Conduct

1.0 Purpose:

The aim of this document is to ensure that all parents are aware of the minimum standards required as a parent of a child in the SDBAL Domestic or Representative program.


2.0 Parent Commitment:

a. Abide by the SDBAL Master Code of Conduct
b. Abide by the SDBAL Zero Tolerance Policy.
c. Remember that children should participate in sport for enjoyment.
d. Be a positive role model.
e. Focus on my child’s efforts rather than the result of the game.
f. Encourage my child to always play by the rules and to settle disagreements without resorting to hostility or violence.
g. Treat all coaches, players, officials, parents, and spectators (including opponents) with respect.
h. Refrain from engaging in negative or destructive discussions or posting on social media about coaches, players, officials, parents, and spectators (including
i. Show appreciation for volunteer coaches, officials, and administrators.
j. Endeavour to ensure that my child attends all scheduled training sessions and games and that they arrive at the specified time.
k. Communicate with my coach if my child is unable to attend a training session or game.
l. Purchase all compulsory uniforms prior to the commencement of the season.