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Players Code of Conduct

SDBAL Player Code of Conduct

1.0 Purpose:

The aim of this document is to ensure that all players are aware of the minimum standards required as a player within the SDBAL Representative program.

2.0 Policy:

As an SDBAL basketball player, I agree to:

a. Abide by the SDBAL Master Code of Conduct
b. Abide by the SDBAL Zero Tolerance Policy
c. Abide by the Social Media Policy
d. Always play by the rules and demonstrate good sportsmanship.
e. Assist in the development of a positive team culture where all team members feel included.
f. Treat all coaches, players, officials, parents, and spectators (including
opponents) with respect.
g. Refrain from engaging in negative or destructive discussions or posting on social media about coaches, players, officials, parents, and spectators
(including opponents).
h. Endeavour to attend all scheduled training sessions and games.
i. Arrive at trainings and games at the time specified.
j. Communicate with my coach if I am unable to attend a training session or game.
k. Wear appropriate attire to all trainings and games.
l. Participate during trainings and games to the best of my ability.
m. Be available to attend any Queensland State Championships, and any away travel games, for my team.
n. Be responsible for the behaviour and conduct of my entourage who attend events in which I participate. The expression “entourage” includes parents, family members, coaches, trainers, friends and any other person associated with the player.
o. Refrain from any behaviour that bring SDBAL, it’s associated members, affiliate partners, sponsors, or any other stakeholders, into disrepute.
p. Abide by the Constitutions, rules, by-laws, codes of conducts and any other policies of SDBAL, BA, BQ, and any league that SDBAL participates in.


If it is determined that a Code of Conduct breach has occurred by a player, or a member of their entourage, then it is open to SDBAL to impose a penalty on the athlete as follows:

I. A determination that SDBAL will not accept nominations from that player for a specified period of time for future teams and may suspend the player from participating in SDBAL Club or Representative games or training for a specified period.

II. It is to be noted that imposing a penalty on an athlete for the behaviour of their entourage is to be seen as a last resort and disciplinary action, except in extreme cases, such action would not be taken without first having sought to engage with and counsel the offending person and the athlete in relation to the unacceptable conduct.