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Junior Representative

The Southern Districts Representative program is one of the strongest and largest programs in Queensland with more than 30 teams in U12, U14, U16, U18 and U21 BQJBC competitions…

Queensland State League (QSL)

The Queensland State League provides an avenue to high-level competition for young developing players, players at their pinnacle, and players who have stepped down from elite competition…


Our association is the most decorated program in QBL history with a record 17 championships across our Men’s and Women’s programs since 1986…

UPS Program (Juniors)

This program is designed as a 3-week intensive training program (6 sessions total) which builds on players fundamental skills in preparation for Representative Trials…

MOST Program (Seniors)

Southern Districts started the Men’s Off-Season Training (MOST) program for our Senior Men’s players who are involved in NBL1, SBL and Junior Representative teams…