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Senior Domestic Competition – Key Information

Thank you for registering for the Summer 2023/24 season at Southern Districts. Welcome back to returning teams and welcome to first time teams.

The fixtures for Rounds 1 to 4 are now available and can be located via the BasketballConnect app Apple Store / Google Play or Desktop here.

Please read the following information regarding the season: 

  • Inviting players into a team
  • Basketball Queensland Player Registration Fee
  • Initial Grading Games
  • Published Fixtures
  • Player Uniforms Reminders
  • Match Payments & Forfeits
  • Updated Senior Competition Rules and By-Laws

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact myself via email ( should you wish to clarify anything.

Inviting players into a team 

During the registration process you would have had an opportunity to invite players to play in your team. If you just skipped this step. You will need to sign into your account via this link ( which will bring you to your User Profile.


From here under the Registrations Tab, you should be able to see your team which you registered into the competition.


On the right-hand side of the of the team there are 3 dots. Click the 3 dots and then select ‘Add Team Members’.


This will take you to a page where you can add team members to the team. You will require the first name and email address to add a player.


From here you will need to select the Type which is ‘Player Membership – Player 10 or Older’ and fill in the first name of the player and their email address.


Click the Save icon then it will take you to another screen where you need click the Submit icon. This will then send an invite off to the player.


You can also click the 3 dots and select view which will take you to a screen which shows you the invited players and send them the invite again.


FINALS ELIGIBLITY RULE: For finals eligibility, each player must play at least 50% of the season matches as a REGISTERED PLAYER to the team. Any fill-in games (where the player manually enters his/her details on the Ipad) will not count toward final eligibility and each player must play at least 50% of regular matches. Ensure your players register to the team in order not to impact finals.  

Basketball Queensland Player Registration Fee

Basketball Queensland require each player to play an annual player fee when they register in BasketballConnect. Although it is a 12-month fee, it may ask you to pay this under 12 months since you last paid it if you are a playing in a season where the season ends after the end of the 12 months of the last fee you paid.

For example, this season finishes in September, so if you paid the fee in July last year, you will be playing in a season when your fee expires, so it will ask for you to pay it now, and it will cover you until July next year. It is a requirement that players are registered for insurance and identity purposes.


Initial Grading Games 

Grading will consist of 4 grading games before we finalise all the sections for the regular season. Where possible, we will try to avoid giving byes.

Problems with fixtures – If your team play the same team again during grading, please let me know as it will be an oversight and is not preferred.

Published Fixtures 

After 2 rounds we may re-grade your team to another division. This allows us to get a complete picture of your teams ability and where your team fits before the start of the season. If your team is moved, or your fixture changes in any way, we will let you know.

Once grading has been finalised, the season’s fixtures will be published for the entire season within the coming week.

CLICK HERE FOR SUMMER SEASON PLAYING DATES, so please be aware of these dates ahead of time (we only break on public holidays and over the Christmas break).


Player Uniform Reminders

During grading there are no penalties for players out of uniform. However, all players are required to be in correct uniform commencing Round 5. Any player out of uniform will either not be allowed to play, or the opposition will receive 5 points for the uniform penalty.


Match Payments

For the upcoming Summer 2023/24 season, Southern Districts Basketball Association (SDBAL) will use Teammo to collect and manage match payments and forfeits. Teammo is an online sports payment platform used by many sports associations, clubs, and teams.

Teammo’s features help:

  • Provide you with more flexibility in how you manage payments with us (e.g. paying week-to-week, paying for games in advance)
  • Give you better visibility of payments and automated payment transfers in the event of a forfeit or cancellation.
  • Automate the forfeit process and communications with teams.
  • Provide optional tools to manage payments from your team members.

Match fees

Match fees are to be paid online via Teammo prior to your game. No pay, no play. The team sheet fee for the Summer 2023/24 season is $100. This is what you will pay in Teammo – there are no transaction fees charged on top of this.

You can pay match fees weekly, or you can pay for multiple games in advance. Games that are visible in BasketballConnect, will be available to pay for in Teammo. If your team wants to rotate who pays each week, each person can set up a Teammo account and connect to the same team.

Forfeit process

In the event your team is unable to play, a forfeit must be submitted and paid for via Teammo. Teammo will automatically notify team contacts via SMS. This will provide greater convenience and faster communications. The forfeit fee will automatically calculate depending on how much noticed is provided:

  • More than 24 hours notice – $100.00
  • Less than 24 hours notice – $150.00
  • No Show/Unnotified – $200.00

The amounts above are what you will pay in Teammo – there are no transaction fees charged on top of this.

If you are unable to field a team, we ask in good faith to your opposition to process your forfeit through Teammo ASAP as this will automatically notify the opposition and referees that there is no match they need to attend and potentially save you money.

Collecting money from team members

You have the option to use Teammo to collect money from your team members. This can be used to collect any team costs such as match fees, registration, uniforms etc. As a team manager, you might find it helpful to manage all team payments in one spot. Any payments you collect via Teammo are sent to your nominated bank account.

You can send payment requests, and your team members will receive an SMS with a link to pay. Payments are made by team members online, they do not need to have a Teammo account or app. All subsequent payment requests can be paid via SMS. This functionality is completely optional to use, so please do what suits you and your team best.

Getting started with Teammo

Players responsible for paying game fees will need to download the Teammo app from the Apple Store, Google Play or sign in via your Desktop to make game fee payments.

For more details on how Teammo works and to create your account:

If you have any questions or issues setting up your Teammo account, please reach out to Teammo via, or send a message via the chat icon on Teammo.

Updated Senior Competition Rules and By-Laws

CLICK HERE FOR THE UPDATED SDC BY-LAWS, these will also be available throughout the season online under the Senior Domestic Competition tab, and competition rules and by-laws.




Dean Babb

Competition Manager