Southern Districts Basketball Association Board Update: 

At this year’s Annual General Meeting held on the 24th May, 4 new board members were added, with 1 returning board member, to lead the Southern Districts Basketball Association on a vibrant, exciting new path with a resolute commitment to deliver a strong strategic direction for the association.

At Southern Districts, we are proud of our history and focused on our future development. The Southern Districts Basketball club strives to be a remarkable organisation. We are the DARKSIDE family. Our family feel is evident in seeing our current and past players bringing their kids to play and enjoy the spirit and community that Spartans Basketball strives to provide. Everyone who visits, or participates with us, should feel like they belong and enjoy a fun and safe environment.

From the new board our first action is to say Thank You. Thank you to the players, the families that support the players, our referees and officials, our General Manager and the great staff at the stadium that do an amazing dedicated job to deliver our programs and competitions, to the Carina Leagues Club and our other great sponsors, to the Camp Hill Carina Welfare Association and other venue partners, to our clubs that help make us a strong and diverse association and to all others that participate in our family.

We would also like to especially thank all the volunteers who put our players and in particular our kids, and our kid’s enjoyment, at the forefront of their reasoning to volunteer. You are ALL amazing and again we thank you.

As for the new team on the board, it is our goal to deliver a clear, strong strategic direction for our association to follow. We have a board that recognises the rich history of the Spartans and the values the club was founded on, while also balancing the need to run in a cohesive, fiscally responsible business environment. We resolutely believe that the mixed and vast experience of the new board members will add a level of professionalism that will allow us to execute these goals. This board will not be paralysed to make improvements and all challenges will be looked at as achievable in planning.

We will be focused on strengthening, and where required, rebuilding relationships with our valued partners whilst also looking for growth and new opportunities. We will innovate new programs and renew others to provide the best experience for player development. We will continue to improve avenues for our members to play, regardless of their levels of skill and experience, or their means, because everyone can participate in basketball with the Spartans.

COVID 19 has brought some challenges but just like any challenge that confronts us we know our club will endure and be stronger on the other side. We are hearing from all sides that our “family” want to get back to the joy of playing basketball. We remind all the need to encourage respect and patience towards staff and volunteers as they administer the COVID-19 response protocols. Through this time, and as we execute our return to play, we will continue to foster the growth of our junior and senior clubs and competitions, and our association will continue to invest in resources, facilities and programs that will strive to see our teams winning championships.